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“I really like the Over and Above Kids program because it is complete with the objective of the lesson, the materials needed, preperation for the lesson, and a script to follow. The lessons are fun and easy to follow. The kids will love the puppets and songs.”

Anna Parks
3rd Grade teacher
Kent, Ohio



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Thinking Skills Number Concepts Vocabulary Spacial Relationships
Memory Skills
The Art of Learning

From the Founder:

"My daughter is the inspiration behind the development of the art of learning ®. I wanted to encourage my child to be a better learner and have a passion for learning, and I wanted it to be a fun and rewarding experience for her.

After extensive research that included talking to teachers, visiting learning centers, viewing educational products in the marketplace, reading educational materials, and consulting with the education and development experts, I learned that there are five core intelligence skills that are the foundation for a child’s ability to learn.

These are spatial relationships, memory, thinking, concept of numbers, and vocabulary. The best learners and best achievers have a proficiency in each of these core intelligence skills. My research also made it evident that there was no comprehensive educational product that addressed all five skills and the overall ability to improve learning.

I assembled a team of experts in child development, early learning, education, and curriculum development to create a process that would dramatically enhance a child’s ability to learn, test well, and become life long learners. We formed Over and Above Kids and developed art of learning ®.

When children spend quality time with a parent, they learn and develop. I trust and I am confident that art of learning ® will make a difference for your child, as it did with my daughter.  I wish you and your child many fun hours together using art of learning ®."

Susan Myers

Charlotte, NC 28270

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Susan Myers