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"The characters will help your child believe that he can sharpen his memory, clarify his thinking, verbalize his thoughts, grasp the concept of numbers, and maneuver the patial realm.”

Abbott Ferris, PhD
Professor Emeriitus, Emory University
Atlanta, GA



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Thinking Skills Number Concepts Vocabulary Spacial Relationships
Memory Skills
The Art of Learning

It’s not just what a child learns that’s important, it’s how.  the art of learning® uses the principles of metacognition to help young learners become lifelong learners.

Our fun and friendly characters represent five “core intelligences” that are part of a systematic way of learning, building on learned skills and experience. 

Child and Teacher

Most importantly, the lessons in the art of learning ® program are scripted to be fun for all children ages three to eight and easy for any parent or teacher to deliver in 15 minutes.  They are a great reinforcement for what your child learns at school and provide a unique opportunity for children to learn in an interactive way.

The founders of Over & Above Kids and our Advisory Board encourage you to learn more about the principles of metacognition.  Then make a purchase that could do more to help the child or children in your life than any other single product.
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