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“I really like the Over and Above Kids program because it is complete with the objective of the lesson, the materials needed, preperation for the lesson, and a script to follow. The lessons are fun and easy to follow. The kids will love the puppets and songs.”

Anna Parks
3rd Grade teacher
Kent, Ohio


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Memory Skills
The Art of Learning

Miki Memory is the OAKs kid who teaches your child about memory. The Over and Above Kids call him Miki Memory because they know memory is his special thing. As long as he can recall, his grandmother always taught him the importance of memory through games. He started to practice the games she taught him as well as inventing his own.

For example, when Miki is riding in a car or bus, he looks for numbers on the backs of trucks and practices remembering them. Also, when he makes new friends, he uses special tricks to help him recall their names. Just wait and see all the ways he can help you use your memory. Miki will teach you how to remember numbers, letters, pictures, symbols, and names.

Miki Memory


SAMPLE LESSON 1: MULTI-OBJECT MEMORY.  Miki Memory helps to improve your child’s memory of multiple objects. This contributes to your child’s ability to learn in a classroom setting, especially in reading and mathematics.

SAMPLE LESSON 2: Miki Memory teaches your child how to improve listening or auditory memory skills. These are important skills for learning in all subject matter.