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"The characters will help your child believe that he can sharpen his memory, clarify his thinking, verbalize his thoughts, grasp the concept of numbers, and maneuver the spatial realm.”

Abbott Ferris, PhD
Professor Emeriitus, Emory University
Atlanta, GA



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Thinking Skills Number Concepts Vocabulary Spacial Relationships
Memory Skills
The Art of Learning

Nico Numbers is the OAKs kid who teaches your child about numbers. He is a cute boy with wavy black hair and a great smile. When he was little, his abuelo, or grandfather in Spanish, was a bricklayer. Nico became excited about numbers when he would watch his abuelo count bricks by two’s, five’s, ten’s, and twenty’s. He also loves music with a good beat. Since his grandfather knew he loved music, he taught Nico how to count to the beat. His grandfather also taught him number games.

Nico Numbers


SAMPLE LESSON 1: NICO’S BEAT.  Nico Numbers helps your child learn about the mathematics in music.

SAMPLE LESSON 2:  NUMBERS NEIGHBORHOOD.  Nico Numbers introduces the Numberline and teaches your child the relationship that numbers have with each other. In order to be a mathematical thinker, children must first understand number symbols and their numerical relationship.

SAMPLE LESSON 3:  PICTURE ARRANGEMENT. Thea Thinker instructs your child on how to improve thinking and logic skills with picture arrangements. This ability is very important in reading and writing skills.