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Sam Shapes is the OAKs kid who teaches you about shapes and spatial relationships. Sam started liking shapes when he was about your child’s age when he found out that he was really good with building blocks. Then, Sam discovered how to draw and realized that just about everything has a shape. Ever since then, his mission has been to explore the world of shapes.  His favorite is a square because it is just a perfect box with four lines that are all the exact same size.

Sam Shapes


SAMPLE LESSON 1: DRAWING SHAPES AND DESIGNS.  Sam Shapes help yours child improve eye-hand coordination through the drawing of geometric shapes.

SAMPLE LESSON 2: LEARNING WITH FUZZLES ®.  Sam Shapes helps your child improve eye hand coordination by putting Fuzzles together.

SAMPLE LESSON 3: Sam Shapes teaches your child how to improve spatial perception skills by pointing out what piece is missing in order to complete an object. This is also an important writing skill in recognizing what word or sentence could help make something clearer.