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Thinking Skills Number Concepts Vocabulary Spacial Relationships
Memory Skills
The Art of Learning

“We all know that children need these skills to succeed, but it is hard to think of creative and engaging lessons that focus on them.  The Over and Above Kids program makes it easy, quick and possible.”


Maura Soden

Maura Soden, Actress
Mother of 4 year old
Sherman Oaks, California

Anna Parks

Anna Parks
3rd grade teacher
Kent, Ohio


“I really like the Over and Above Kids program because it is complete with the objective of the lesson, the materials needed, preparation for the lesson, and a script to follow.  The lessons are fun and easy to follow.  The kids will love the puppets and songs.”

“With Over and Above Kids, you don’t need to be an expert to improve your child’s core intelligence.”


Kevin Soden

Kevin Soden, MD
Guest doctor on “The Today Show”
Father of two daughters (3 & 5)
Charlotte, NC

Thea Thinker