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“We all know that children need these skills to succeed, but it is hard to think of creative and engaging lessons that focus on them.  The Over and Above Kids program makes it easy, quick and possible.”

Maura Soden, Actress
Mother of 4 year old
Sherman Oaks, CA



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Memory Skills
The Art of Learning

Thea Thinker is the OAKs kid who teaches your child about thinking.  She is a little girl who loves to think.  She is tall, wears glasses, loves to have her hair platted and is very patient. The beads in her hair are from West Africa from where she just moved. Thea learned to speak and read fluently in both French and English. Thea loves to read and always has many questions.

Thea Thinker


SAMPLE LESSON 1: PUT IT BEHIND YOU.  Thea Thinker teaches your child how to improve the ability to think through directions and follow them successfully.

SAMPLE LESSON 2: THEA’S THINKING SKILLS.  Thea Thinker helps your child learn how to develop thinking skill by talking about everyday situations.

SAMPLE LESSON 3:  PICTURE ARRANGEMENT.  Thea Thinker instructs your child on how to improve thinking and logic skills with picture arrangements. This ability is very important in reading and writing skills.