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Vicky Vocabulary is the OAKs kids who teaches your child about vocabulary skills. She is a sweet girl with blond hair, blue/green eyes and an easy smile. Vicky is a cheerleader. The Over and Above Kids call her Vicky Vocabulary because she is really good with words.

Vicky got her name because her sister started calling her that. Her sister is hard of hearing, or deaf, and wears two hearing aids. Because her sister cannot hear some sounds, she pronounces some words incorrectly. She goes to speech therapy to learn the correct sound of words. To help her sister, she looks up words in the dictionary to figure out how to say them. Then Vicky teaches her sister. One day, she realized the dictionary had more than pronunciations. It also has the meanings of words that mean the same. Vicky loves her dictionary!

Vicky Vocabulary


SAMPLE LESSON 1: VOCABULARY CARDS.  Vicky Vocabulary teaches your child about vocabulary and increases vocabulary skills through the use of picture cards. A large and diverse vocabulary improves language skills.

SAMPLE LESSON 2:  SIMPLY SYNONYMS.  Vicky Vocabulary teaches your child about synonyms (different words that mean the same thing). Language skills terms form a rich vocabulary.